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You may wonder, "What's dipdap?"  Well, here's the story.  Back in 1983, I got my very own puppy.  Her name was Snocap.  At that time, my nephew was just learning to talk and he couldn't pronounce Snocap, so called her "dipdap."  He called me "Bacy" then too, but I digress...  Anyway, the name dipdap stuck and soon we called her dipdap more than Snocap.  

The next part of the story continues in Des Moines where I lived (with dipdap) for almost 10 years.  A good friend (thanks, Tyler!) said I should get a web site and call it dipdap.com and then could have the e-mail address snocap at dipdap dot com because it sounded cool and was fun to say.  Obviously, I agreed!

Well, dipdap.com started over 16 years ago and was mainly used for showing off pictures of my dogs, but many things have happened since then.  


I moved back to Wisconsin (with dipdap) to the town I grew up in to be closer to my family.


My nephew is now 33 years old (and speaks very well).


Dipdap has left us (about 14 1/2 years ago), but will never leave our hearts.  


Cyber and Brody now entertain me in true Siberian Husky fashion.  Woo Woo!  (Cyber is 14 years old and Brody is 11.)


I continue to buy beads and make jewelry like I have been doing for over 25 years.


Feeling the need to create something unique, I started making glass beads and now I fuse glass as well.  


I work with sheets of sterling silver, copper, & brass. 


I have added metal clay to my designs ~ Precious Metal Clay (99.9% silver), copper clay, & bronze clay.

And that's where my story is today.  I spend as much time as I can in my studio playing with fire, glass, metal, & metal clay.  What could be better!  The rest of my free time is spent walking the dogs, cooking, baking, hanging out with my family and their dogs, and did I mention walking my dogs.

Enjoy some pictures of the dogs that have kept me active so I can enjoy the fruits of my labors cooking & baking!

dipdap ~ 6 weeks old her first day with me (1983)

dipdap & my nephew at the time he called her dipdap (1983)

dipdap as she looked most of her 17 1/4 years.  
No, that's not a typo, she lived to be over 17 years old! (1988)



Brody playing lifeguard at Rock Island State Park. (2005)

Cyber playing lazy lifeguard at Rock Island State Park. (2005)

Winter in Wisconsin

Cyber & Brody sharing a sunbeam


Thank you for visiting my web site!

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