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Fused Fun ~ Hand made fused glass pendants to hang from a chain or cord. 
Glasswear ~ Ready-to-wear lampwork jewelry. 
Beads n' More... ~ Hand made lampwork beads to include in your own creations and some creations already designed for you.  
Critter Creations ~ Hand made lampwork critters to include in your own jewelry creations or simply just admire.

Fused Fun


Beads n' More...

Critter Creations

What is a lampwork bead?

The art of lampworking has been around since ancient times, but really became known in the 1300's in Italy.  Early lampwork artists used oil lamps to melt the glass which is why it is called "lamp" work.  Today glass is melted with a torch using gas for fuel mixed with oxygen.  Once melted, the glass is wrapped around a stainless steel rod called a mandrel, which is what leaves the hole.  After the bead is created, it is placed in a kiln to cool slowly to room temperature.  This slow cooling process is called annealing and usually takes 10-14 hours.

All my glass beads are hand made in my studio with Moretti/Effetre glass from Italy and kiln annealed for strength and durability.

Enjoy my glass creations!

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